The job description

  • Automate key areas of our development and operations workflow (CI/CD pipelines, build processes, deployment process, etc.)
  • Maintain high level security and performance of the automation
  • Help with the installation of applications and databases
  • Understand project KPIs and metrics and customer needs
  • Implement different development, automation, IT and testing infrastructure
  • Plan team activities, team structure and different member involvement in project management activities
  • Set up tools and necessary infrastructure
  • Define and set processes for development, testing, releases, updates and support in DevOps operations
  • Monitor all the processes through the project lifecycle to ensure adherence or updates whenever needed
  • Encourage and build automated processes as and when applicable
  • Identify and deploy measures for security through continuous risk management and vulnerability assessment
  • Root cause analysis and incidence management
  • Coordinate and communicate with customers and team members
  • Select and deploy relevant CI/CD tools
  • Aim to build CI/CD, improve continuously and build a constant CI/CD pipeline
  • Mentor and guide people in the team
  • Monitor and measure KPIs and customer experience metrics
  • Manage progress reporting after fixed intervals evaluating both customers and management


  • At least Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or related technical discipline or a demonstrated track record in software development
  • Experience working as a DevOps Engineer or any relevant software engineering position
  • At least 2-3 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer
  • Strong scripting skills in anyone of the following: Bash, Ruby, Python
  • Proficiency with automation tools like Ansible, Gitlab, Git
  • Proficiency in working with Git workflows
  • Continuous Integration experience (Jenkins)
  • Experience with automated testing tools like JMeter, Selenium, etc.
  • Proficiency with containerization technologies Docker Swarm, Kubernetes
  • Has track record of automating infrastructure as code and writing clear and complete documentation
  • Experience with some cloud environment
  • Has experience with implementing CI/CD pipelines
  • Knowledge of Network Architecture
  • Experience with monitoring tools
  • Working understanding of SQL and databases
  • Collaborative team spirit
  • Problem-solving mindset

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