Taking Automation to Next Level in Works and Services Department

Automation in Works and Services Department


Taking Automation to Next Level in Works and Services Department

Works and Services Department


Taking Automation to the Next Level in Works and Services Department

The Situation

Works and Services Department (WSD), Government of Sindh, is entrusted with the tasks of construction, repair and maintenance of roads, and buildings infrastructure across the province.  It constructs and manages a very large portfolio of assets.  Due to the high volume of work, it is important to manage a number of aspects.  

1.    Tracking and Management of Assets
2.    Feasibilities of various proposed projects
3.    Preparation of pre-project documents
4.    Preparing of financial estimates
5.    Sourcing and contracting
6.    Project monitoring
7.    Financial control
8.    Budgeting
9.    Reporting

All these activities are made further complicated due to the high volume of transactions and ongoing projects.  Additionally, it is understood that exercising control in remote areas, which are far away from the central location/head office, is a very difficult task.  Lack of interest, carelessness, pilferage, and many other manpower related issues, coupled with lack of effective reporting tools makes it very difficult to get timely and reliable information for decision making purposes.  

The Solution

  • Asset Management System: Asset’s database that records all the assets under the purview of Works & Services Department.
  • Human Resource Management System: Complete record of all the employees of the Department along with their current posting and assignments
  • Projects & Sourcing: Information regarding contracts, vendors/contractors, projects and their progress
  • Financials: Complete Financials of Works and Services departments including payments to contractors, project costing, Budgets etc.
  • Reporting and Analytical module: Apart from different type of reports required by the department the analytical module now can provide predictive reports and allow for what if analysis.
  • GIS: Assets are now GIS coded on a map for location based reporting.


  1. Now the Asset Management record and maintain all the assets that fall under the preview of Works and Services Department. (irrespective of owner ship)  The system now facilitate the reporting of progress on the projects for monitory values.
  2. The system has an ability to make budgets for new development and maintenance work.
  3. The forecast of the maintenance work can also be made.
  4. Tight financial control.