Mustafa Maqbool   |   28 Dec 2018

Anyone familiar with the software technology innovations of 2017 could not have missed the surging popularity of chatbots. Unlike the chatbots of previous years, today we have a new line of chatbots that are more sassy and responsive than ever and provide an increasingly human-like interaction. Thanks to the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, chatbots play a big role in the customer service arena now days, providing excellent back-office support and customer satisfaction.

Chatbots are also termed as conversational agents. In definition, a chatbot is indeed that — a software program that can impersonate human speech in written and spoken form, for reproducing a useful and meaningful conversation with a human to fulfil various tasks. And thanks to the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, chatbots play a big role in the customer service arena today, providing excellent back-office support and customer satisfaction.

One main reason for the current popularity of chatbots is the fact that you do not need to have extensive programming skills or coding knowledge to make a functional chatbot. Nowadays, anyone can design a chatbot with relative ease without having a degree in Computer Science. For e.g. Facebook Messenger chatbots can be created via a number of websites that provide the novice user with user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces. Like every business there are also highly skilled and technologically advanced Chatbot in the market. Most of them are based on a NLP system and an artificial intelligence engine to train the Chatbot. One of the European market leaders is e-bot7 with their revolutional hybrid Agent+AI solution. You find more information below.

With that said, lets move on and explore some of the most innovative and useful chatbots in the market today, that are being utilized by the top companies in a variety of industries, and for different functions.


e-bot7 GmbH
e-bot7 brings artificial intelligence to customer service and helps companies achieve greater customer service efficiency. The system analyzes inbound messages and provides agents with accurate response suggestions. This reduces the average handling time by up to 80% and automates repetitive and recurring questions right after integration.

The Endurance chatbot is designed to act as a robot companion for senior patients of Alzheimer’s disease, and engages with them, enabling them to share their experiences. This bot can hold a conversation on various topics, including the weather, cinema, history, music, etc. The main purpose of the bot is to allow senior Alzheimer’s disease patients to share their life experiences and views, all for the purpose of stimulating their intellectual/thought processes, memories and creativity.

Insomnobot 3000 (Casper)
This chatbot is designed by the mattress company Casper as a marketing device, and operates between 11pm and 5am. Its purpose is to provide company to insomniacs. If you are having trouble sleeping, all you have to do is text 844–823–5621 to get a conversation going about anything, from midnight snacking, to what you plan to do on the weekend.

U-Report (UNICEF)
UNICEF’s U-Report chatbot acts as a civil reporting and social messaging software tool, that encourages and enables the youth from any country in the world to share their thoughts on social causes and issues, act as agents to bring about a positive change to society, and to participate in polls that are regularly generated by the bot. In this way, the youth can communicate with their leaders and the concerned organizations in their countries, to spread awareness about current issues prevalent in modern society, and help bring about solutions to better human lives.

MedWhat is a virtual assistant that provides instantaneous response to health/medical queries made by patients and doctors alike. The bot has the ability to self-learn about medicine and can memorize and utilize information regarding your medical history and health record. It can provide post-discharge assistance to patients, and send reminders and follow-ups to enable them to remain healthy.

Roof Ai
This bot serves as a virtual real-estate assistant and helps in managing buyer-seller leads, matching listings with purchasers, initiating the selling process with consumers and setting up appointments as well.

NBC Politics Bot
This Facebook Messenger bot can provide automatic updates, breaking news, election forecasts and poll surveys.

Monkey chatbot (Unilever)
Designed by Unilever’s PG Tips tea product, this bot was intended to raise awareness of the brand, gather funds for Red Nose Day charity, as well as sending jokes to the brand users. The idea was to engage customers purposefully and provide a dependable and resourceful customer experience to enrich brand loyalty.


TacoBot, Taco Bell
This bot operates from within the Slack messenger and allows users to conveniently place customized menu orders by using human speech.

DOM, Domino
Customers can use this Facebook Messenger bot to easily place orders online.

Chipotlebot, Chipotle
Enables a customer to text 424.373.7626 to order from Chipotle and win rewards and free meals.

Whole Foods Market
The Facebook Messenger bot provides a wholesome shopping experience for customers, enabling online browsing of menu items, recipes and conversation with a robot chef.

Pizza Hut
This bot enables online conversational ordering of pizza using the Facebook Messenger and Twitter. The bot allows you to reorder your favorite meals and browse great deals.


Allo, Google
Allo provides instant messaging facilities and enables users to ask Google Assistant anything in a conversation by tagging it. Based on the content of your text messages, Allo can offer automated responses, for example wishing you a happy birthday or congratulating you if your wife sends you an anniversary greeting. It can respond to queries by texting you with a picture and instructions on how to do a certain thing, solve math problems, or daily weather reports, etc.

HP Print Bot
It can enable users to effortlessly print the content from their Facebook Messenger application, like documents and photos.

Yahoo introduced a wave of chatbots in 2016, some of which include weather bots, news bots and even pet bots (Monkey) that engages in conversation with the user as he/she takes care of it.

Xiaoice, Microsoft
Built for China, this bot is available from the Weibo micro-blogging platform and simulates real conversation with a friend. It mines Chinese sites to learn about the intricacies of human conversations and using it to have meaningful chats with users.

NLUI Server Demo, Salesforce
It allows you to ask your database any queries via natural language and can converse in English and Spanish too.

Siri, Apple
A virtual online assistant that can be utilized to perform any tasks for you.

Virtual Assistant, Autodesk
This bot assists users to login, install Autodesk products, and solve activation problems.

Kate, AT&T
The bot enables spoken and written conversation to be used for assisting AT&T BusinessDirect / Premier customers add lines, utilize discounted deals, buy wireless products, and purchase plans, etc.

Entellio, Tech Mahindra
This bot provides a unified communications platform for users and a substitute for a broad variety of mobile customer service apps, enabling people to search, have conversations and avail customer support.


The Wall Street Journal
Updates users with breaking news, investigative reporting, business coverage and other features from The Wall Street Journal.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel bot is a cognitive Facebook Messenger app that provides a platform to watch and share bespoke weather-related updates, existing conditions, forecasts, acute weather reports, and other related weather data.

Another Facebook bot that allows users to chat with and provide breaking news updates, headlines, etc.


KLM’s service bot resides within Facebook Messenger to provide flight documentation, booking confirmations, check-in notification, boarding pass and flight status updates.

Ticketbot for Airasia
Ticketbot assists in looking up prices for any Airasia route by utilizing easy real-language commands via Facebook Messenger.

Sofia, TAP Portugal Airline
Sofia is a bot that tackles elementary customer service queries, helps with check-in and special guest requirements, and specializes in the airline’s rewards program.

Julie, Amtrak
This bot replies to customer service inquiries and guides users to pertinent info and websites, or can guide them to a human customer service agent.

Jenn, Alaska Airlines
Jen can provide welcoming responses to a majority of customer service and reservation problems, pointing your browser to the suitable page to fit your requirements.


Hannah, M&S Bank
This bot delivers elementary customer service.

Ask Me, Citibank India
This in-site customer service chatbot is built to assist customers with basic queries.

Andrew, HSBC
This in-site chatbot provides customer service for HSBC’s UK-based customers.


Ann, Aetna
Addresses and provides solutions for login and registration problems.

Online Assistant, Lloyd's Insurance
The bot responds to the most elementary insurance enquiries and can converse about all kinds of insurance, including car, home, travel, and pet insurance.

Insurance Help System, Bank of Scotland Insurance
Provides answers about home insurance.


A Kik chatbot that helps in creating bespoke outfits based on any basic piece of clothing. One can use H&M as a personal stylist to chat with and explore many outfit options via browsing.

Another Kik chatbot that assists with makeup guidelines and guides you to a wide array of products.

Ask Rachel, Tesco
This in-site bot responds to queries about phone deals and service. However, it hold trivial conversations with users, for e.g. asking about one’s family and pets.


Used to book transport.


Spock Chat, Paramount Pictures
Allows users to Skype chat with a bot depicting our favorite Vulcan from the famous Star Trek franchise.

Ninja Turtles, Paramount Pictures
A Kik chatbot that offers users the experience of conversing with the famous Ninja turtles.

A chatbot that is designed to provide users with game updates, highlights, and top plays.


A friendly looking bot that looks out for your kids online safety while they’re sharing content on social media platforms, such as Instagram. It's made for children up to the age of 12 and can work from a smartphone or tablet.