At Sapphire Consulting Services we offer “Cloud Managed Services”. We excel in delivering on-demand computing resources – everything from applications to data centers – on demand and on internet. Offering our customers the flexibility and ease of pay-per-use basis.

Our customers can benefit from the power of cloud for servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and much more.

Our premium partnerships with the best IT companies of the world, gives us an edge and advantage over our competitors.

We offer,

  • Resources Elasticity – offering you the flexibility of scaling up or down quickly and easily as per your budget and requirements.
  • Metered Services – you get to only pay for the services you utilized and not a penny more.
  • Complete Self Service – we offer you the BEST services as per your requirements and with complete self-service access.

The benefit you reap when you partner with us for Cloud Computing Services are:

  • Cost – the benefit of Cloud computing is the complete replacement of heavy capital costs associated expensive servers and equipment’s maintenance and resource hiring and maintenance
  • Speed – the benefit Cloud computing of provision the vast amount of capacity at your disposal is just a click away, whereas in traditional IT Departments you would need to procure more equipment and resources in order to increase your speed to work
  • Productivity – the benefit of Cloud computing give you the ease on concentrating on more important business tasks rather than hardware setups, software patching and down-times and other time-consuming IT management chores.
  • Global Scalability – the benefit of Cloud computing is more or less computing power, bandwidth and storage right when it is needed
  • Reliability of Services – the benefit of Cloud computing is that it makes the data backups, disaster recoveries and other mundane tasks of IT non relevant to the customer and ensures the business continuity is less expensive and data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites of cloud service provide
  • Above Par Performance – because of global operations of the cloud service partners, customers are always ensured of latest hardware and software to back up the business operations of the customer, making down time highly unlikely!

The above mentioned benefits are not only marketed but enshrined in our agreements when you sign up with us. Contact us at today for more information on these services.