Oracle Bpm

Oracle BPM

Having a Business Process Management (BPM) tool is a universal need in almost any organization.  While there are a number of solutions to help perform core functions (such as core banking, credit card and ATMs for a bank, billing and packaging for telcos, etc.) there are very few solutions that take care of the non-core functions, such as approvals and workflows of normal and regular office tasks, such as:

  1. Leaves Applications 
  2. Expenses Approvals
  3. Supplier Onboarding
  4. Specialized Procurement
  5. Customer Relations Episodes
  6. Form or Document based Processes

BPM tools make it is easier to build processes via Visio-like tool, and can easily integrate with other systems and applications, such as ERP, CRM, etc.  Business users can use BPM tools to create process flows, and test them.  Processes can be modified on the fly, and their effect can be experienced first-hand, to test their suitability and efficacy. 

BPM Reporting

Oracle BPM comes with capability to provide reports about ongoing/in-flight processes/cases, with insightful dashboards.  These dashboards provide visual representations about performance, turn-around time, and ageing.

ERP Extension

BPM tools can be used very effectively to reduce ERP or other core applications (such as core banking, risk, telecom billing etc.).  If there is a need to add/modify some processes in the core applications, then such modifications could be developed in the BPM tool.  This would provide the flexibility of new features, without modifications to the existing systems.  Do note that the existing systems could be proprietary or vendor dependent.  Hence any changes to such systems would mean change requests, and therefore, hefty expenses.  BPM tools help you take control of your processes, with reduced time-to-market, and at lesser cost. 

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