Sapphire Consulting Services does not collect information identifying individuals unless provided directly by the visitor or the visitors browser. Information provided by visitors is used internally and used for the purpose described when the visitor supplies the information. Currently, we do not use cookies (files that are sent to and stored on the visitors computer).

At times it might be necessary to share information with third parties. The user would be informed about the reasons for gathering information, and then it is up to him whether to submit the information or not.
Sapphire Consulting Services reserves the right to change its policies regarding cookies and the collection of information from visitors at any time and without advance notice.

Personally Identifiable Information
Certain pages or functions on this website may allow you to provide Sapphire Consulting Services with personally identifiable information about yourself ("Personal Data"). Personal Data includes all personal information that you supply to Sapphire Consulting Services, such as your name, contact information (including home address, phone number, and email address); date of birth; languages of communication; education, employment, and other background information (including your professional resume). You are under no obligation to provide Sapphire Consulting Services with any Personal Data and may choose not to do so. However, if you choose to provide Sapphire Consulting Services with your Personal Data, and you do not otherwise supply Sapphire Consulting Services with an explicit consent regarding the collection and use of that Personal Data, the act of your submission of such Personal Data shall constitute your consent that the following terms shall apply.

Sapphire Consulting Services will collect, use, store, transfer and otherwise process ("Process") your Personal Data as stated herein. Sapphire Consulting Services will Process Personal Data for the purpose(s) stated at the point of collection of such data. If you ever become employed by Sapphire Consulting Services or establish any other relationship with Sapphire Consulting Services, Sapphire Consulting Services may also Process Personal Data for purposes related to such employment or other relationship. You may update your Personal Data from time to time through this website. In some instances you may have rights under applicable law to access such data. Sapphire Consulting Services shall provide a written explanation if, in accordance with applicable law, such a request is ever denied.

As Sapphire Consulting Services is a group of companies operating internationally, Sapphire Consulting Services may transfer Personal Data for the purposes described above to its own operations, or to other subsidiary or affiliated companies, located in the United States, Pakistan, and other jurisdictions, where data protection laws may not provide an equivalent level of protection as the laws in your jurisdiction. Likewise, Sapphire Consulting Services may also transfer Personal Data to: (1) legal and regulatory authorities (including tax and employment authorities); (2) tax advisors, auditors and other outside professional advisers; and (3) vendors and other parties that provide products or services to Sapphire Consulting Services, such as IT systems suppliers, medical practitioners and private health companies. Personal Data may also be disclosed and transferred to respond to law enforcement requests or where required by applicable laws, court orders, or government regulations, as well as in connection with corporate restructuring, sale or assignment of assets, merger, divestiture, or other changes of control or financial status of Sapphire Consulting Services or its subsidiary or affiliated companies. These recipients may be located in the United States, Europe and elsewhere, including jurisdictions that might not provide an equivalent level of protection as those in your local jurisdiction.

Sapphire Consulting Services takes reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect Personal Data against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Your Personal Data shall be stored in secure physical locations and/or secure servers located in Pakistan, the United States and/or any other jurisdictions to which your Personal Data may be transferred.

If, at any time, you wish to withdraw this consent, request access to, copies of, or amend your Personal Data, or ask any questions related to this Consent or Sapphire Consulting Services privacy policies and practices, you should notify Sapphire Consulting Services at the email addresses and/or telephone numbers provided on this website.

By the act of your submission of such Personal Data, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above information and hereby offer your freely given, explicit and unambiguous consent for Sapphire Consulting Services to (i) Process your Personal Data (including any sensitive Personal Data) as described above, and (ii) Transfer your Personal Data as described above, including to those jurisdictions where data protection laws may not provide an equivalent level of protection as the laws in your jurisdiction.