SaaS Solutions at Sapphire Consulting Services

At Sapphire Consulting Services, we specialize in offering premier Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. With our competitive and cost-effective packages, we assure our customers of a successful service experience, allowing them to focus on their core business operations while we expertly manage their non-core functions, ensuring smooth operations and high data availability.

Our Cloud SaaS solutions are integrated with social, mobile, and analytics capabilities, designed to meet and exceed market demands and expectations.

Diverse SaaS Offerings for Varied Business Needs:

  1. Customer Experience SaaS: This model encompasses the entire customer engagement journey, from Marketing, Sales, and Service to Configuring-Pricing-Quote (CPQ), Commerce, Loyalty, and Engagement. Our solutions in this domain include various modules, such as Social and more, to enhance customer interactions and relationships.
  2. Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS: Address all your modern HR needs with our comprehensive HCM SaaS solutions, featuring modules like Talent Management, Workforce Rewards, Workforce Management, HCM Cloud for Midsize, and more.
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SaaS: Increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve financial control with our ERP SaaS solutions. Modules include Financials, Revenue Management, Accounting Hub Reporting, Project Management, Procurement, Risk Management, and more.
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM) SaaS: Achieve end-to-end SCM planning with critical visibility across your entire business supply chain. Whether locally or globally, our SCM SaaS ensures all operations are instantly visible to key stakeholders.
  5. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) SaaS: Gain a comprehensive view of your organization's direction and performance. Modules like Enterprise Planning, Planning and Budgeting, Account Reconciliations, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting, and Profitability and Cost Management provide crucial insights for effective management.
  6. Internet of Things (IoT) SaaS: Our IoT SaaS delivers enterprise-level solutions that yield tangible ROI, enhancing production outputs and creating a more connected workforce.

Business Intelligence (BI) SaaS: Gain clear and confident insight into your business's key performance indicators. Our BI solutions offer HCM Analytics, CRM Analytics, ERP Analytics, and SCM Analytics, providing a deep understanding of your business metrics.