Eye Television Network Limited

Eye Television Network Limited Slashes Inventory Costs by More Than 30%, Cuts ERP System Maintenance


Eye Television Network Limited

Eye Television was the first media company to implement Oracle applications. Oracle E-Business Suite enables us to make more informed decisions based on complete information about our finances and the current state of our different TV channels, while boosting productivity.

–– Islam Ahmed Khan, CFO, Eye Television Network Limited

Eye Television Network Limited operates a network of television channels in Pakistan. The company was established in February 2004 to provide quality entertainment with a focus on content for female viewers. Its channels include Hum TV, an entertainment channel; Masala TV, a food-related channel; Style 360, a lifestyle and entertainment channel; and OYE, a youth entertainment channel.


  • Upgrade to a modern finance and accounting system that can help reduce resourcing and inventory costs
  • Integrate different billing and accounting systems
  • Ensure the new system can serve multiple accounts charts and has comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Reduce manual reconciliation and minimize accounting errors
  • Enable new TV channels to be incorporated in the general ledger


  • Engaged Oracle Platinum Partner Sapphire Consulting Services to implement a new financial system based on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
  • Cut inventory costs by more than 30% through greater control of fixed assets, such as broadcasting equipment, video cameras, lighting, audio consoles, DVD recorders, and amplifiers
  • Enabled monthly accounts to be closed in five days, compared to two to three weeks previously
  • Delivered program budgeting, cash flow, channel profit and loss, and channel asset and liability reports to senior managers within the first week of the month
  • Increased productivity, as financial data on individual TV channels can be provided much faster than in the past
  • Improved reporting by allowing users to generate customized reports using the financial statement generator tool
  • Provided managers with the detailed financial information they need to control costs and execute organizational strategies
  • Reduced enterprise resource planning system maintenance costs by 20%