Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

Brief Profile of Institute of Business Management (IoBM)


Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

Brief Profile of Institute of Business Management (IoBM):

  • Reputable University since late 90’s
  • Thousands of students graduated
  • Multi Campuses

Key Issues:

  • IoBM was using nonstandard custom application which was not fulfilling ongoing business processes
  • Bugs in Management reports as data was not updated real time
  • No 24/7 online enrollments
  • Faculty used to provide results in spread sheet which was entered by Exam department later
  • No prescreening or evaluation was done for Fresh students in system
  • Students were not able to apply Financial Aid online
  • Data of students were in scattered places
  • Result was not updated real time
  • Disconnection among departments
  • Use of excel spread sheet was very common
  • Students were free to take advance course though pre requisite was not done due to no system check
  • No conflicts were checked during class scheduling
  • No Faculty evaluation was done in system previously

Sapphire’s approach to resolve issues:

  • IoBM decided to engage Sapphire to evaluate the implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and make it functional by doing away with the needless customizations and replacing, where possible, with delivered functionality.
  • The overall methodology which Sapphire adopted fundamentally included audit of current system, up-gradation of business processes, migrating the solution to delivered systems, implementing new systems.
  • Fit Gap analysis, solution designing were done & ultimately mapped the IoBM requirement in standard application.
  • Sapphire infrastructure team was also called which checked the load for concurrent seamless enrollment of tens of thousands of students.
  • Sapphire synchronized the connection among departments through integrated standard modules of application which enables the Management to check real time reports.
  • Sapphire migrated Legacy data & data is now under one umbrella.
  • Sapphire provided cloud solution as servers were not properly maintained by IoBM, now application has been running without any glitches.
  • Students can now check their results real time & also apply for Financial aid.
  • Now prescreening of fresh students like previous qualification, placement test marks, Interview evaluation etc. are part of Campus solution application. Faculty evaluation is also a part of system.

 Achievements, Benefits and Current Status:

  • Sapphire achieved all of the above objectives and it was indeed a proud day when tens of thousands of students were able to enroll successfully into a functioning Campus Solutions system.
  • The transition from Legacy into Campus solution has made IoBM’s senior management is in a position to check real time information. This would enable them to analyze trends and risks thereby enabling them to take the right decision at the right time.
  • A fully-functional application has been rolled out successfully at IoBM.
  • ROI gets better & better as IoBM curtailed manual intervention in business processes.