The Easiest Way To Buy Sell And Monetize Tax Credits At The Best Price



The Easiest Way To Buy Sell And Monetize Tax Credits At The Best Price

The Need

The Online Incentive Exchange (online tax credit exchange company of USA) is a marketplace where Buyer/Seller can sell or buy any tax credits & transact in an efficient and transparent central marketplace. The Online Incentive Exchange had been using a custom web-based software computer program for online trading. Most of the business process which was in the scope was not put into use in the system and manually work had to be done to complete the transaction.

The need of the system is to Help the companies (Sellers) across all up-and-downs make as big as possible the value of the tax credits they create, and at the same time enable taxpayers (Buyers) to lower their tax things you owe/things you're responsible for/disadvantages by buying fully checked for truth and checked for truth/proved true credits at a discount to their value.

The raised, flat supporting surface need performance, availability and the ability to be made bigger or smaller with like nothing else in the world abilities to do things of an online trading to manage and track all offering to pay for something related activities.

The Solution

When the Sapphire Consulting was called in, we have started in-depth study of transact policies and practices in fashion at the time was needed/demanded.

In order to develop the process model of the new system at first the system analysis the requirement analysis of the proposed system had been done. During system analysis and requirement analysis of Online Incentive Exchange System.

Our goal is to put into use to a new system and to overcome the bad result or effects of the existing system. we have go through a list of question process with the client, which give us necessary information about the project requirements and help solve a problem as well as satisfy in the user needed things. Keeping this issues in mind, the need for an automated tax Credit system was felt. The proposed system collects tax information from User and all these records are stored in the computer file full of information of the system, which can be viewed by the users or other Buyer/seller.

Actually, the project requires users to register into the system. Then, users can log in to the system and search for tax details. For the verification we have proposed a admin panel system, Admin maintains and manages the entire system; they are provided with the privilege of adding, updating or deleting anything to/from the system database. When any user adds their details that information goes to the admin where admin verify that and then make decision to approved that information, when admin approved the tax credit that credit was shown in the central marketplace of the system. So other user can bid on that and seller can sell their credits to any buyer.

The Benefit

The good change in that application was rolled out that all tax credit is become verified and any user can view all tax credit information in the central marketplace.

 Owner of the tax credit can track their tax credit as well as those credit on which they are offering to pay for something on that.

Now it is possible to exchange the tax credit in the real time with other companies. User can sell their tax credit on just clicking the mouse which was the greatest benefit was in term of time saving and clearness/open honesty.