Sindh Revenue Board

Tax Returns Forecasting and Revenue Collection


Sindh Revenue Board

Tax Returns Forecasting and Revenue Collection Sindh Revenue Board (SRB)

Sapphire Consulting Service (SCS) was awarded Business Intelligence and ERP project under Financing received via World Bank for Sindh Public Sector Management Reform

Business Objective

SRB is a provincial tax authority that regulates and collects taxes on services. It required a decision support analytical application that could assist them in increasing the tax base. The goal for the implementation was also to use predictive analysis for future tax collection target setting. A comprehensive risk management system was needed to identify individuals/organization that are defaulters and tax evaders


The earlier existed system was a simple reporting system with no analytics, and faced performance related issues such as delayed report retrieval. Moreover, comparative analysis, “What-IF” scenarios or any other data analytics was not available. A simple risk management system based on excel was being used that was not scalable and accuracy below par.


Sapphire Consulting Services (SCS) solution was based on Oracle Analytics consisting of a data warehouse and multiple data marts optimized for their various business areas. The implementation consisted of development of data models, schedulable ETL routines, monitoring and alerts, integration with iOS and Android mobile app interfaces and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based dashboards with drill-downs features for different business areas. Forecasting models of their most important business components such as Registrations of Tax payers, Payments and Returns, etc, were also developed. Single-sign-on with access control was part of this project whereby a user once logged on with his credentials can access any application for which he is provided access within SRB. A user would only be able to view the dashboard and data for which the access has been granted

Functional and Technical training was provided to SRB relevant staff. The training enabled the end user to create their own dashboards, run various analytics, change filters etc.  

Business Outcomes/Results

  • Better report and analytics assisted in taking crucial business decisions. Centralized reports of POS Data visualized on a single Dashboard.
  • Predicting and forecasting the future Tax payments and Tax registrations.
  • End-user ability to develop own dashboard, run “What-IF” analysis and other on the fly.
  • Rapid and user-friendly analysis and reports for 200+ users.


Oracle Enterprise Database, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle LINUX, VMware, NAKIVO