Maximizing Profits, Minimizing Costs

End-to-End Integrated Solution for United Energy Pakistan


Maximizing Profits, Minimizing Costs

The Need

United Energy Pakistan, or UEP (formally British Petroleum Pakistan) had been utilizing bespoke custom software to cater to their large and complex operations for Oil and Gas explorations in Pakistan. The legacy system was rigid at best. Several business processes were out of scope for the legacy system and manual work had to be done to complete the transaction.

What was needed was a single source of truth and complete end to end business processes integration on latest technology.

The Solution

When Sapphire Consulting was called in, an in-depth study was done to determine all aspects of the project and develop, Test and deploy a solution which would be a standard for future implementations.

The problems were broken down in parts so that each part could be defined and solved with targeted approach.

In collaboration with the Oil and Gas Industry experts, Sapphire Consulting took up the challenge and utilized all the typical Oil & Gas industry knowledge available in its unique team and applied that to the implementation.

Complete end-to-end process flow diagrams and schematics were constructed for the 100+ Oil & Gas wells, completions and reservoirs of the company.

Complete end-to-end process flows were designed tested and deployed for the production operations of the company.

Quality 3D reports were qualified and delivered for the customer end users, from which daily business progress was reported to the higher management

Sapphire Consulting created a team of consultants for a project which was never successfully achieved before in Pakistan region and is now the benchmark for the Oil & Gas Industry players.

The Benefit

After successful implementation, the customer had converted all of its production recording and reporting processes into a single platform application which was not achieved before.

All of its reservoirs, completions, wells and plant facilities were documented in sequence and unnecessary repetitions or outdated completions and wells were identified which resulted in actual ground realities coming forth to light. Resulting in true production picture and production reporting.

Furthermore, all complex production calculations were produced with validated and true production numbers from each well and facility.